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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 19, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the victim and the investigation. >> the 76 year-old man is resting and doing better at shock trauma. as far as the one suspect that police have in custody, he is facing a laundry list of charges including attempted murder, assault. we are learning much more about this convicted sex offender and his criminal past. baltimore community leaders and top officials are expressing more outrage over the beating of for the 76 year-old man's. he was attacked by three men while fishing with his wife. mayor sheila discussion -- sheila dixon met with his family in the hospital. >> they are shaken by this and by the violence and what was said to him. and what was done to him. >> according to court documents, a self amended white supremacist who is in custody
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and two other time -- a self admitted white supremacist who is in custody and two other suspects started beating the man. police said he had a tattoo of adolf hitler on his stomach with the words "he lives" beneath it. >> he has that is that would identify himself with racist -- historically racist organizations. >> leading up to this attack, it seems like he left a trail of a violent crime in his wake. in 1999, a 6 year old girl claimed that he winter at least four times since she was 4 years old. -- that he raped her at least four times in she was 4 years old. another one meant says that he
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beat her up with a flashlight and -- another one man says that he beat her with a flashlight and raped her. he remains in jail tonight without bond and could face harsher penalties under the state a hate crime law. police are still looking for two more suspects in this case. they could use all the help they can get. anyone with information should call baltimore county police. wbal-tv. >> police have charged four people in connection with an identity that scheme. about 100 victims have had their personal and financial information stolen. some people discovered some suspicious paperwork. they learned that residents in colombia and some other areas were victimized. they were not the only ones. >> we then discovered that today
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new driver's license, credit cards, and other identifying documents from victims from several states. >> the trail of a victim's runs into virginia, florida, and georgia. these suspects are all from florida. two are in jail and the others have been released. mayor sheila dixon wants information after the original indictment in january. any subpoenas issued after the indictment is an abuse of the grand jury system. personal misconduct charges that were earlier dismissed are now included in the latest indictment against her. tom >> today the obama administration gave u.s. businesses on how to fight a possible swine flu outbreak this fall. the white house says now is the time to plan on how to accommodate workers who may be out with the virus.
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businesses should allow liberal leave for those who are sick. they say officials should have a contingency plan. some industries are already doing this. >> their critical employees have a backup cross training. telecommuting has been explored. >> the best advice is to keep your hands clean and stay home if you get sick. health officials here in maryland have begun clinical trials for the swine flu vaccine on children. at least 10% of children in the greater baltimore area will come down with the virus. our reporter has the details. >> a select group of kids were given the swine flu vaccine in a trial. all maryland children will be advised to do the same later this fall. all parents are being told to be vigilant.
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>> there are two sets of viruses that circulate around the u.s. the first one is the swine flu which no job has immunity to and many can catch it. then there is a seasonal flou that we are familiar with. >> we know that in young children they need to shot to make a satisfactory end by the response in their bloodstream against the seasonal flu and we assume that much for the swine flu strain. >> the city is asking parents to get involved and get advice from their doctors. >> there is a recommendation coming out that children and students enrolled in our schools should be vaccinated against swine flu and the seasonal flu. they may required to doses of the vaccine. the best thing would be to talk to the doctor.
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>> everett hit with a swine flu could go home to a parent -- every kid with a swine flu could go home to a parent and give them the virus. they are asking employers to be careful of this as well. >> employers need to think ahead about liberal leave policies, if there are employees who are out sick themselves or need to stay home to take care of other family members. how will the business continue to operate with a reduced work force? employers need to think about plans and communicate that with employees. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> there is continuing coverage of how health and state local officials are planning on handling is one flu outbreak this fall. you can go to our website for more information at
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>> the congregation was forced to worship elsewhere during the repair of this church that was damaged when lightning struck the stable. the charge is now preparing to reopen. the repairs have been wrapping up. kerry cavanaugh got a first look at the church. >> a church condemned by city inspectors when lightning struck a steeple and started a fire. we got an inside look at the pair's. the pastor of the church calls it a miracle that a sanctuary is set to welcome worshipers back this week. >> we really have a lot of work to do. they had to break the doors to get in. >> the pastor of this church describes an unexpected journey just started by a bolt of lightning in july. it started a fire.
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the water used to fight the flames inflicted more damage. >> it is part of the balcony and came all the way down. >> the historic 99 year old building was condemned. but the conversation never missed a service. they gathered at pier 6 and then at a synagogue. >> the church is not a building. these months have taught us that the church is the people and the attitude of the people and the action of the people. >> it cost hundreds of dollars fix water damage in the sanctuary. and they had to get a another stable. the church paid for most of the repairs. and the parishioners are raising the rest. >> the one thing we never lost in all of this was the joy of knowing that no matter how bad a that, god was still with us. because of that, we could make
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it. >> as the church prepares to open this week, he says this is a rebirth for his congregation. >> some say the lightning hit for a bad reason. but what they do not want to deal with is that many churches that are hit by lightning are totally destroyed. we came back in a few months. that is what we would call a miracle. >> the charge will open on monday for complication. the first sunday service will be held on august 30. reporting live in the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> we have breaking news out of baltimore county. fire crews are on the scene of a to alarm fire -- two alarm fire. school starts in a less than two weeks in baltimore city.
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they are taking extra steps to make sure the students are prepared to go back to school. there is a call center that is going to help ease the concerns of parents. transportation concerns will also be addressed. >> what is on the minds of people so far? >> everyone wants to know about transportation. parents who have kids with special needs want to know about special education. placement is a big one. what school of the going to. >> the call center will be open until september 4. you can find the number to call and other information on our website at get click on education. >> denied there is a new honor for the aquatic center that keep -- tonight there is a new honor for the aquatic center.
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>> and details before the deadly mid-air collision over the hudson. >> stormy weather skipped around the baltimore area today. we will have more about the forecast coming up. >> skyrocketing costs for college textbooks. the controversy over why students are getting stuck with paying high pricers. that
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>> in air traffic controller had a conversation just before the crash over the hudson. someone was joking over the phone about barbequing a dead cat while guiding the small plane. the controller cursed seconds before the accident. >> maryland college students are heading back to school. they are getting a tough lesson on economics. the high cost of textbooks is adding some controversy. >> power reporter has more on this -- our reporter has more on this. >> is at a college bookstore and you'll find the amount due for textbooks looks more like a luxury car payment. consider just one of this book for this senior. >> used is $110. >> new.
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>> $150. >> he learned half of this summer job salary will be spent on books. are you prepared for this? >> yes. >> that is a lot to pay. how our students paying for this? >> $500 could be from late fees or just the magnitude of these prices. >> textbook prices have nearly tripled over the last 20 years increasing at an average of 6% each year. consumer advocates here in maryland say the average student pays $900 a year just on books for college. >> these tenants are suffering from the high cost of textbooks. it is largely due to the predatory practices of publishers. >> those practices are unnecessary new editions of textbooks, making it impossible for stennis to buy the cheaper
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used books. -- for students to buy the cheaper used books. according to the association of american publishers, consumer advocates are misrepresenting the facts. they say on average common new editions are printed every four years. the association says materials are delivered as ordered by faculty. they claim that if students shop around, they will find the publisher's own web sites offer the lowest prices on books. this say prices have not risen to the price that some claim. textbook prices can be staggering. this chemistry book sells for more than $300 along with its extras. >> you have chosen the most expensive book in the store. >> often times book prices come as a surprise to faculty as well. >> the professors have not had access to how much a textbook
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costs. shopping around for the best bargain is absent from this market. >> a measure that could control costs requires public institutions of the state to do things such as release a list of required materials early enough so students can look for the best deals. >> i think it will translate into more innovative ways to dodge the higher prices. >>, there is a website callewheu can rent a book. and many books are free or chapters can be downloaded at another website. to stay afloat, college bookstores are accusing more used books than ever and buying back students -- buying back
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books from students at the end of every semester. they are trying to ease stiffness into buying college textbooks. >wbal tv 11 news. >> a new federal law and is geared to make text books more affordable. it is the most crucial reform on that issue. you may be able to get some help right now under a new act from the obama administration. if you can find out more information on, click on i-team. >> thunderstorm activity today south of town or north of town. here is a wide view, to show you how much activity in baltimore.
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some thunderstorms will stay north of us. st. mary's cowarcounty had some pretty big storms. more storms are lining up to the west. take a look at the current temperatures. near 90 was the high today. 80 degrees in baltimore city. satellite pictures show to the south of us and north of us having showers. and let the air mass of tropical air is approaching and stalling out. the real change coming from a front in the plains states. this will not be through until friday or saturday. this is hurricane built a powerful category 4 hurricane.
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here is the position as of now. 135 mauer winds. it is west of bermuda and ease of the eastern seaboard. it will lose strength as it approaches canada. warm and humid. our forecast tomorrow will feel very tropical. 70 degrees-74 degrees for the overnight low. thunderstorms are in the forecast at least of a scattered a variety tomorrow. thunderstorm activity will be around tomorrow afternoon. it will give way to more thunderstorm activity on friday into saturday. if we try to drag things out by sunday. some stormy weather on-again and
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off-again for the next couple of days. then things will settle down. >> it has been home to michael phelps. why the north baltimore aquatics center will be available for more olympic hopefuls. >> and we will take a look at the national debut of sandra on . >> i am from 98 rock. the multi matched jackpot is up to 3 million. 17-42-43-for-24-7. 17-42-43-4-24-7.
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♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> our center shot to the big apple as she was a guest co-host
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on live with regis and kelly. >> she was a natural on set with regis. it took hours of preparation for her appearance today. she got off to a very early start. >final prep with hair and makeu. how did regis' prepare for sandra? >> it is a challenge. everybody has a different personality. >> if you would like to see more of our national tv debut with regis and photos from the trip, go to our website at >> some good news for the north baltimore aquatics center. financial and other support will be provided to transform the
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club into a state of the art training center fourteens of perspective olympic swimmers. one coach who trains michael phelps is a part of this. >> one person has a clear focus of what he does not want to see in the second preseason g
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>> ravens coat spend some time in the outreach program with the military in iraq. the coach and the team appreciated -- extended their appreciation to more than 500 military members as part of military appreciation day at the training camp. one player wants to honor his late friend. linebacker suggs men not be on the field. no matter who plays on monday night, the coach wants to see some more military-like precision on the field. >> some we can live with. you have to find out where the line is drawn.
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the blocks in the back and the penalties, we cannot have that. we are working hard on it. >> one woman will not consider baltimore her home base. she won a silver and two bronze in beijing will be leaving the aquatic center. she plans to relocate her training to fullerton, california. it has grown quite stale, the predictable outcome of an orioles game. without which would give you the outcome in a few different languages. in spanish, german, and french. they lost. tampa bay beat them again.
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fourth inning, pat, let's fill, fair ball. -- left field, fair ball. b.j. upton. that ended the night of one player. 3-1. the orioles have lost five in a row. this is ugly in swedish. there was a unique request that there would be no donuts on the south lawn at the white house. president obama wanted to drive a car. the secret service would not allow the president need for speed.
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and one person did not have to wait long for seen the type of attention the player would receive. the player is one of the country's top 50 players. stick around. the seven-day forecast is right after this.
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>> we have an update for you about breaking news regarding a fire. it is an apartment fire on sugar would circle. that is in the essex area. no one was hurt. fire crews are trying to determine what started the fire. we will have much more on the story tomorrow morning right here on 11 news today. >> the mainmast us today. we may see a few showers tomorrow. a better chance for rain on friday. a higher chance of rain. sunday, monday, and tuesday will
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be much more comfortable. the temperature will drop and it should be nice. >> thank you for joining us. >> the tonight show with conan o'brien is next. we will see you tomorrow night. the night. -- good night. featuring "thto


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